Dane Buy Local Board of Directors


Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson
General Manager, Towns & Associates, Inc.

Vice President/Secretary:

Jennifer Krueger
Jennifer Krueger
Business Attorney, Citizen Supporter


Chris Fearn
Chris Fearn
Supervisor, SVA Certified Public Accountants





At Large

Pam Christenson
Pam Christenson
Economic Development Director, Madison Gas & Electric

Rachel Weinberg
Admissions & Program Coordinator
Wingra School
Mike Polk
Mike Polk
Sales Consultant, Group Health Cooperative - SCW
Scott Braun
Vice President, Acuity Consulting Services, LLC

Greg Frahm
Business Development and Commercial Broker
Alexander Real Estate Services

Rebecca Muehl
Manager, SVA Certified Public Accountants

Patrick Berry 
Attorney, Boardman & Clark LLP
Sandi Torkildson
Owner, A Room of One's Own Bookstore