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Bering Bounty LLC
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(608) 320-3238
Restaurants, Food & Beverages
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Bering Bounty LLC is a small, local company offering the highest quality Wild-caught Alaskan Salmon & Bering Sea Cod. Depending on the run, we offer four different species of Salmon - Sockeye, Coho, King, & Keta Salmon. All salmon are boneless, flash frozen & hermetically vac-packed fillets. All the salmon & cod is sustainably caught in the very well regulated fisheries of Alaska. Every side is 100% natural - as nature intended - nothing is added whatsoever. All the salmon species are caught, processed & transported within the USA. We are proud to be owned and operated in Southern Wisconsin by the fisherman and a small & efficient crew. Bering Bounty LLC has recently introduced some new species to our 'bread and butter' of salmon and cod. Give us a call & ask anytime. Ultimately what makes Bering Bounty LLC different is that we know our fish backwards and forwards & have scales behind our ears to prove it.
The focus of the company is on developing and maintaining great relationships with all our local business partners - restaurants, markets & the general public. Our mission is to supply, educate and support our clients with the best Wild-caught Alaskan Cod & Salmon. For restaurants and markets, I give presentations on the wild-caught salmon & cod - how it is caught - how it is sustainable - etc. For the general public - we take the time to show and explain how to cook the fish. In the past, I have talked many customers through cooking the salmon from start to plate. We have no equal for customer service and support. We have thrown many salmon parties - cooking and educating 100s of people at a time and have given to local charitable organizations.
Bering Bounty LLC began as a dream while I was just a crewman in the cradle of storms - the Bering Sea. After gaining captaincy, and after much research and hard work, the company was founded in October of 2008. Bering Bounty LLC's mission is to supply and educate Wisconsin with the best quality, fully-sustainable, Wild-caught Alaskan Cod & Salmon - the best in the world bar none.
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