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Calabash Gifts
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2608 Monroe St
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Shopping & Specialty Retail
Africa Art Ceramics Basketry Beadwork Jewelry Tablecloths Sculptures Wood Carvings Wall Hangings Shopping & Specialty Retail Leah Kessel
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Stone and wooden sculptures: elephants, giraffes, hippos and more. Fibre art: hand-painted, embroidered, beaded and woven wall hangings. Raku and ceramic figurines. Original African paintings and prints. Jewelry, scarves, beaded berets, hats, barrettes and headbands. Hand-painted ceramics; tablecloths, placemats, cushions, runners. Candlesticks and basketry. Children's sweaters and dresses, shirts, painted sneakers, baby shoes; mobiles, decorative items for bed and bath. Folk instruments. Gift certificates and complimentary gift wrap.
Calabash Gifts and Home Accents is located at 2608 Monroe Street, near unique, fun and locally-owned stores that some people call Madison's Year Around Art Fair. The wide range of merchandise comes mostly from the Southern and East African countries reflecting the richness of the traditional art and the contemporary talents of local artists. In African tradition, art belongs to the community. Food and other resources are shared with family and friends, often in a Calabash (gourd) or basket. Being locally owned means Calabash is about family and friendships, both in Madison and abroad. 

When I first opened Calabash Gifts in 1996, I thought I might sell one shipment of items. Since then, seeing the value at both ends--the people in Africa who need to feed, cloth and house their families and the customers from all over the Midwest--has been exciting. This store is about the personal stories of people we have come to know who enjoy beautiful art as well as creative, useful home and gift items.
Our customers enjoy the stories of the artists, who in turn get pleasure and excitement when hearing about who purchased their work.
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