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Fisher King Winery
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1105 Laser St.
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Restaurants, Food & Beverages Alwyn Fitzgerald
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Fisher King Winery was created to embrace the "buy local" movement and offer hand-crafted wines that are madeprimarily from Wisconsin grown grapes. The wine is made in small batches, using labor intensive hand-methodsto both harvest and process the grapes at the companys production facility located in downtown Mount Horeb,Wisconsin. This approach allows the urban Winery to showcase the full potential of Midwest wine craft. In additionto the companys finely crafted Wisconsin wines, Fisher King offers wine tastings during their open hours, a selectionof locally produced artisan sausages, local cheeses, and a number of other alluring edibles and merchandise fromaround the area. Visit the Winerys website to view their Friday live music announcements and the latest news fromFisher King Winery!
The buy local movement is extremely important to us. Not only do most people want to know where their food anddrink items come from, but they also want to enjoy a product that is crafted with the freshest and finest ingredients.As a winery in Wisconsin, we have encountered challenges in creating premium wine from locally grown fruit, butour meticulous approach to making wine has led to an excellent product that has distinct and unique characteristics.
It is our mission to support our local economy as best as we can through the use of grapes harvested from localvineyards and the sale of products crafted by local vendors and artists.
Winemaker Alwyn Fitzgerald recognized the growing trend toward lighter, more complex wines that characterize not only the changing taste in the marketplace but also the flavor profile of many French and French-American Hybrid varieties favored by Midwest growers. New hybrid varietals being introduced every few years will produce wines of a quality not previously attainable in the Midwest. Combined with the public's increased interest to buy premium, locally-produced, agricultural based food and beverage products, he founded Fisher King Winery in 2006 to offer exceptional wines created from locally harvested Midwest grapes.
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