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Geek World
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PO Box 259836
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(608) 251-5933
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Geek World helps provide independent technical help for consumers and small businesses around Madison. We sell only our expertise, so you know our advice is what you need, not what we can sell you. We work on PCs, Macs, Servers, tutorials, custom databases, networks, and more. Many of our clients are small non-profits and home users who don't have time/interest/staff to tackle the world of IT on their own.
We believe that it¿s important to do business locally, to keep our money in the hands of friends, family, and neighbors rather than nameless faceless corporations.  By providing our services and buying from local vendors wherever possible, we build partnerships and connections right here in Madison, so everyone can benefit and enjoy success.  To keep our community strong, we do our best to choose local wherever possible.
Geek World has been doing business in Madison since 1995, to support both business and home clients who need help with their computer needs but not enough to enough to employ fulltime IT professionals of their own.  From home users to small businesses and non-profit organizations, we help with all their computer-related needs.  Some of the faces have changed over the years, but the ultimate goal has stayed the same: To provide fair, honest, affordable, reliable service to homes and small businesses all over Madison.
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