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Imperial Garden West
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2039 Allen Blvd
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Imperial Garden, Chinese Restaurant, dine-in, carry-out, banquets, local, casual, low price Restaurants, Food & Beverages Karen Meyer
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Imperial Garden is an award-winning restaurant that offers authentic Chinese food. Their dinner and lunch menus are filled with a wide arrange of specialty drinks and diverse entrees and appetizers all within a reasonable price range. From vegetarian to meat and seafood dishes prepared with ingredients from local vendors, you are sure to find something delicious and satisfying at Imperial Garden. The relaxing, comfortable environment of the restaurant is surrounded by a beautiful garden and revolving artwork by local artisans. Their relationships with customers over the years have demonstrated their commitment to high standards in ingredients and friendly service. Services also include banquets, catering, special parties and carryout.

For over 30 years, Imperial Garden has been committed to maintaining high standards in their service, cooking ingredients and support within their local economy. We buy local in order to maintain the integrity and uniqueness of our local community. It is something that makes our local area special. Maintaining diversity and interesting businesses allows people to stay committed and stand behind their product and service. Since the day we opened, we have consistently chosen private, locally owned businesses whenever possible for our vendors and service providers. We source cleaning and maintenance resources for our restaurant from local businesses and work with individuals within our community. We are committed to buying local and supporting our community.
In 1981 Henry and Fei Chen opened Imperial Garden on Allen Boulevard in Middleton. In 2003, the couple retired and long-term manager, Karen Meyer, and head chef, Ken Yan, took over the business. Karen was always interested in the community aspect of the business and the relationships she built with the customers. Having been open for over 30 years, Imperial Garden is a restaurant that holds onto its clientele with its carefully prepared food, casual atmosphere and reasonable menu prices.
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