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Indie Coffee
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1225 Regent St.
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In the heart of the Greenbush Neighborhood, Indie Coffee is a busy mecca of conversation, great food, friendly service and first-rate single-origin coffees and expertly crafted espresso drinks. With precision-trained baristas, lattes and mochas are creamy and artful every time.

Patrons love the waffles, which are served open to close (7 am - 8 pm every day). Throughout the years, Indie has added a number of waffle options, including the popular Red + White waffle, which is served with home-made vanilla whipped cream and strawberries - an appropriate name, considering the cafe's proximity to both Badger stadiums.

For lunch, Indie's sandwich selecton transcends the mainstream, with unique offerings such as the honey, fig and goat cheese sandwich (toasted on cinnamin raisin bread) and the grilled turkey walnut wrap with gorgonzola. Soups and salads are also popular at Indie.

The cafe serves beer, wine and upscale dessert coffees, meaning there's something for everyone, especially in the evenings. Indie hosts indie film and music events, along with occasional poetry readings, found film nights, and other eclectic events.
Since opening in 2004, Indie has been dedicated to using local suppliers and products. Everything from coffee, milk and bakery to organic soy milk and honey from a local, wind-powered farm is purely local. Indie also believes in using local services, such as accounting and insurance services. This is unlike the larger chains, which use one firm for these types of services, usually located in the state of the chain's headquarters.

Indie's philosophy is that these local suppliers live in our same community and their kids attend the same schools as our kids. By using them, we keep the money right here at home, instead of sending it to Seattle, for example. We make sure that local businesses thrive so that the larger "big box" companies do not get a chance to move in, take over, and basically turn Madison into a cookie-cutter version of many other cities across the country. For us, buying local just feels like the right thing to do: it helps preserve all that is unique about our home town.
Indie Coffee is wholly independent (hence "Indie") and locally owned. The cafe's doors opened in August 2004 and since then, Indie has earned a reputation for first-rate offerings across the board. J.J. and Barrett Kilmer, its owners, are most proud of the community feel and the day-to-day interactions with customers. As one customer put it: "Coming to Indie is like going on vacation for an hour".
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