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Katy's American Indian Arts
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1817 Monroe St.
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Shopping & Specialty Retail
authentic, handmade American Indian jewelry, pottery and crafts Shopping & Specialty Retail Katy Schalles
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Bringing the finest American Indian turquoise jewelry from the Pueblo and Navajo people of New Mexico and Arizona since 1974. Katy's offers beautiful, one-of-a-kind neckwear, earrings, rings and bracelets crafted in the traditional manner by America's indigenous metal smiths. Each piece is hand made from start to finish in workshops found in big cities and small reservation pueblos. Turquoise, shells, lapis and coral are meticulously cut, then set into precious metals and polished into gleaming works of wearable art. Most famous Indian jewelry designs include graduated silver beads, squash blossom necklaces, Navajo bracelets set with gorgeous turquoise cabachons, Zuni neckwear with intricate turquoise designs in clusterwork or inlay, and the Hopi overlay style.
The benefits of buying local have been engrained in Katy since childhood. She grew up in her folk's German bakery in Waunakee where everyone in the family worked. They knew all of their customers, and the customers knew them, and of course they bought localit was the only bakery!

Having moved back to Wisconsin after six years of teaching in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Katy set up one small showcase of Indian jewelry in her parent's Antique Shop--theyd traded in the bakery by then! -- and the 1950s generation of local customers became the 1970s generation. The warm feeling from the day-to-day personal give and take resonates with Katy in such a positive way that after 36 years, she continues to cherish being a local business, and not a big-box jewelry store. Her clientele appreciates her staying small and local, and loves to shop and buy locally at Katys.
After six years of teaching middle school in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Katy started out with two suitcases of Indian jewelry in her parents' antique shop in Waunakee in 1974. Up until then, Indian jewelry was not known outside of Arizona and New Mexico. Slowly the business grew and Katy's Turquoise Shop moved to the corner of Regent and Allen Streets in Madison, WI in 1977. And then in 1983, Katy made the move to Monroe Street and became Katy's American Indian Arts, adding a wide range of Southwest arts and crafts. Since the beginning, it's always been important to Katy to represent artists who might not otherwise have the opportunity to sell their work. And to this day she continues to represent the next generations of these same artists she first represented back in 1977.
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