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Klein's Floral & Greenhouses Inc
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3758 E. Washington Ave.
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Conveniently located, we pride ourselves in the fact that we continue to grow most of our enormous selection of annuals, vegetables, herbs and perennials on site. Our retail area stocks a broad selection of soils, mulches, natural and organic fertilizers and pest control, garden gifts, lawn ornaments and pottery, in addition to one of the largest selections of indoor and blooming plants in the area. Klein's is also one of the oldest full service florists in Madison, serving the entire city and much of Dane County with delivery daily. Klein's team of talented designers is here to serve you for any occasion. Treat the senses and browse our lush greenhouses year round for a fun and unique one-stop shopping experience.
Klein's commitment to local business is far reaching. Being a small and family-owned garden center and competing with the big box stores, we are fully aware of their impact on the local economy and their impact on our business specifically. Here are a few things we're doing to support the local economy and in turn make us stand out from the competition:

Klein's continues to grow most of our plant product on site and much of it from seed (including one of the largest selections of tomatoes, peppers and ethnic vegetables in the area), thereby reducing packing material and fuel needed to ship finished product.

Klein's uses our own homemade compost in our soil recipes. In the fall, the city of Madison drops off truckloads of leaves in order to create our own rich compost. We are one of a handful of growers to use real soil in our potting mixes.

Klein's supports and promotes Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs) via our monthly newsletter and by purchasing many of our seasonal cut flowers from local farmers each summer. Many on our staff are themselves CSA members or have worked on CSA farms.

Klein's is making every effort to protect our environment by using recycled paper and coir (coconut fiber) pots to replace plastic pots and using renewable and biodegradable rice hulls in our soil mixes instead of perlite. Doing so not only helps the environment, but actually produces healthier and more vigorous plants.

Klein's employs a large, stable and very diverse work force who themselves pump dollars into the local economy. To learn more about the great people working at Klein's, click on "Our Staff" on the left side of our home page.

Klein's attempts, as much as is possible, to purchase product from Wisconsin-based companies, including our weekly purchases of indoor blooming plants and all of our finished perennials in the springtime.

Visit us and experience the Klein's difference for your home and garden needs!
Since 1913 the Klein family has owned and operated Klein's Floral and Greenhouses at the same East Washington Ave. location, making us the oldest garden center in the greater Madison area and actually one of the oldest continuously operating businesses of any kind in the city of Madison. With so much experience under our belt, it's no wonder we continue to grow and thrive. And in all that time, there have been only three Klein owners.

Sue Klein has owned Klein's Floral and Greenhouses since 1990. Amazing changes have occurred under Sue's ownership, and our loyal customers are the first to attest to all the wonderful improvements. Under Sue, Klein's exposure in the community continues to increase. We're no longer one of Madison's "best kept secrets". Klein's is becoming increasingly visible in the Madison community through involvement and sponsorship. We continue to modernize the facility and offer the customer high quality and cutting edge product. But most importantly, Klein's has invested itself in top notch staff that are both knowledgeable and personable. Many of Klein's employees have been there many years through all the changes, and continue to strive to make Klein's Madison's premier garden center.

The future? Continued success ensures Klein's place as Madison's one-stop-shop for annuals, vegetables, perennials, herbs, seasonal plants, houseplants and cut flowers. The fact that Sue has four children might also help. Jim, Jonathan and Michael already help out as much as possible between school and sports. And daughter, Megan, has spent much of her young childhood running through the greenhouses or "helping out" in the flower shop. The next Klein generation is at the doorstep so stay tuned!
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