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Movin' Shoes
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528 S. Park St
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Shopping & Specialty Retail
Running, walking, shoes, apparel, athletics Shopping & Specialty Retail Shalon Holbeck
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We sell shoes, apparel and accessories that are designed for all aspects of running. A high school track athlete, a marathon runner, someone who runs three days a week because it's good for them and they like how it makes them feel, will find a variety of shoes and equipment for running. We have socks that will help prevent blisters, clothing to wick away moisture, arch supports for the flat-footed, and other items simple and fancy to aid runners. Most important, everyone who works at Movin' Shoes is a runner. We pride ourselves in knowing shoes, in helping an individual determine what type of shoe is best for their foot and gait and running goals. Our staff includes runners young and old, fast and slow, but all have a fundamental appreciation of what running is about, the pain of it, the joy of it.
We live in an era when large corporate interests dominate the consumer landscape and siphon jobs and money out of local economies. Therefore, it is imperative that we support locally owned and operated businesses. These local business are invested in their community, and they provide a superior service to their customer base. Local business owners live and shop in the area they serve, they understand they have a symbiotic relationship with their customers and their community. Every business must make a profit to be viable, but local business owners are more likely to seek community feedback when making long-term decisions and are more likely to consider how these decisions impact the community they live and work in.
Movin' Shoes was started in 1973 when there was no place local to buy running shoes. From the beginning, the emphasis has been on providing shoes, service and support for all kinds of runners. For us, community transcends local boundaries. Runners from all over Wisconsin shop at the store, it's a place where a runner can buy shoes, pick up a guide to all the area runs and races, get advice about starting a running program, talk to a physical therapist about an injury, learn how to train for a marathon, or come for one of our weekly group runs.
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