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Next Generation Consulting
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211 S Paterson Street, Suite 280
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Next Generation Consulting has been studying generational trends for more than 13 years. We use our data and learnings to help organizations, cities, and states attract and retain younger talent. Our expertise comes from asking lots of questions. We have conducted over 50,000 interviews with 20-40 year olds about why they choose to live where they live and work where they work. We have used this data to create our own indexes to measure the quality of life in cities and organizations through the lens of the next generation. Our mission is to pass along to the next generation something worthy of inheriting. 
Supporting the local economy is important to us because we love the region and want to see it continue to prosper. We support local small business via patronage and investment. We have seen how problematic it can be to invest in faraway promises of short-term gain; we believe that creating a strong local economy is the most sustainable approach to our long-term economic wellbeing.
Founder Rebecca Ryan is an economist, futurist, author of Live First, Work Second: Getting Inside the Minds of the Next Generation, and our evangelist-in-residence.  As our most requested speaker, Rebecca inspires and teaches audiences how to prepare for next generation issues at work, in communities, and beyond.

Rebecca started Next Generation Consulting over 13 years ago as a disgruntled Gen-Xer who had gone through five jobs in four years. The rest is, as they say, ¿history.¿
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