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Small Change Personal Training LLC
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2564 Branch St., Ste. B10
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Small Change Personal Training offers both fitness plans and lifestyle and weight management coaching designed to fit individual lifestyles, budgets, and health needs. Unlike most trainers, Jo Chern is certified by the American Council on Exercise as both a Personal Trainer and Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, bringing a complete package of health and fitness, not just exercise. She emphasizes body awareness and appreciation and does not treat each client to a "one-size-fits-all" cookie cutter workout or bootcamp-style berating and cheerleading. Let's say Small Change is a "kinder, gentler" style of training with an emphasis on mentoring and educating.
Buying locally is the only way small, local businesses can survive and thrive in our "McDonalds" culture. And you can't get much smaller than a one-person training facility! I work with local real estate agents, buy materials whenever possible from local vendors--signage, for example, and hire local independent operators to do advertising and mailing for me.
Small Change Personal Training was started by Jo Chern after 20 years as a college teacher and 12 years in Madison business as owner of Cuppa Jo coffeeshop and Jo's Tazzina Cafe. She felt the time was right to follow her passion about expanding the reach of trainers beyond "selling fitness to the fit," to people who really need first and foremost to be healthy and able to do all the activities they want throughout their lives, whether that's playing with the grandkids, walking the dog, simply being comfortable getting in and out of the car, or even hiking the Andes. Many trainers still follow the drill sergeant or Barbie-cheerleader model and Jo thinks there must be many out there who'd rather have a more mature trainer who can empathize as well as educate.
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