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Legacy Solar Cooperative
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5610 Medical Circle, Suite 2
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(608) 443-7820
Energy & Environment
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The Legacy Solar Co-op is a Wisconsin member cooperative that strives to reduce wasteful and polluting energy practices and improve economic and ecologic conditions for our planet for future generations. We do this through solar projects that focus on customer-based energy savings.

Solar Bonds--Maybe you have too many trees shading your property. Buy Solar Bonds through the Co-op and get a virtual greening, and invest in a Co-op who shares your values with regard to smart energy policy. That’s not to say you can’t still save energy in your home or business.

Solar RECs--Even if you can’t do solar at your home or business, we can help you buy S2S certificates (that’s Switch-to-Solar), which allow you to claim that your electricity comes from Wisconsin solar, and not from a far-away or dirty resource like fracked methane gas or coal.

Consulting Services--Members receive site evaluations and other consulting services at a 50% discount. We can show you how to trim your energy budget through intelligent planning and implementation of best practices as well as best technologies. With regard to paying for energy retrofits for your home or business, we can show you how to reduce your loads and make the best out of your solar energy investment. And, we can help you find the best financing solution to make your solar dreams a reality!
We are business owners, wage earners, volunteers, retired professionals, church clergy, teachers, bus drivers, farmers, entrepreneurs, homeowners and renters from all walks of life. We come together because we feel drawn to the logic and the appeal of clean energy for the future of our planet and our children’s safety decades down the road.

We call ourselves the Legacy Solar Co-op because once we put a solar project into use, it will quietly and beautifully provide clean energy for 4 decades or more – long after a lot of us have left this world. We want to create a growing legacy of clean renewable energy that supports our communities for the long haul.
The Legacy Solar Co-op (LSC) started as Solar Connections in 2012, as an effort to help people and their communities design and implement solar energy systems. LSC started as a member co-op in 2015 to provide a solar legacy for Wisconsin.
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Kurt Reinhold
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