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Float Madison
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312 E Wilson St
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(608) 217-3524
Salon & Spa
float tank, float therapy, sensory deprivation, float madison
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Float Madison is Madison, Wisconsin's downtown float therapy center, combining state-of-the art technology, comfort and healing to create a sublime relaxation experience. Each of our private float suites offer a changing area with bamboo benches, a spa-like shower and a float cabin that is spacious and very quiet. From our welcoming, beautiful reception area to our comfortable post-float lounge, our owner, Greg, designed every detail to help you take a break from the stresses of daily life and embrace a moment to breathe and just be.
As a Madison resident I want to see this city thrive, and one of the best ways to do this is by supporting as many local business as possible. I love hearing success stories and seeing people do what they love. I work with Nessalla Kombucha, Urbal Tea, The Shop Screen Printing, and do most of my own marketing and design work in house. I barter when I can with local businesses too.
Greg has been involved in the health and wellness industry since 2007. While in school for nutrition, working in the wellness department of his community grocery co-op and learning everything he could about being as self-sufficient as possible on the 4 acre farm he was renting, his stress levels were becoming hard to manage. He discovered float therapy back in 2011, and after hearing about the physical and mental benefits, he had to give it a try. He drove down to what was then the closest float center in the area, a place in Chicago that has offered floating since the early 1980's. That first float changed everything. It was like a complete physical and mental reset. For the next 3 years he made the 5 hour round-trip every few months to float for that reset of body and mind. Eventually, he grew tired of trying to convince friends to open up a place in Madison, and he decided that he would be the one to provide the revolutionary tool to his community. We were founded in 2014 and opened our doors in 2016.
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