Business Expert

Boardman & Clark Law Firm serves a wide range of business and corporate clients, school districts, local governments, and individuals. Practice areas include banking, construction, insurance, labor and employment, energy and telecommunications,

restaurant and hospitality, real estate, tax, family law, and estate planning.

The law firm has a committee devoted to finding and coordinating nonprofit volunteer opportunities for its employees. The opportunities are promoted within the business and employees are encouraged to participate in volunteer events, even if the event takes place during working hours.

Boardman & Clark also supports its employees and their individual volunteering passions by routinely sponsoring and donating to causes that their employees are involved in.

The law firm does a substantial amount of pro-bono legal work for individuals or local businesses that may not otherwise be able to afford legal counsel.

Boardman & Clark believes a focus on buying locally is important for several reasons. Supporting local businesses that provide great products and services helps them become stronger community stalwarts. Local businesses are often more in tune with their community and thus able to offer better products and services than outside entities that may be larger or more recognized.

Boardman & Clark LLP was formed on January 1, 2012 when the attorneys of two long-standing Madison-based partnerships, Boardman, Suhr, Curry, & Field, LLP and Lathrop & Clark LLP, joined together.

Boardman & Clark has been very supportive to Dane Buy Local with event and general sponsorships. It is because of their financial support that we are able to provide more value to all of our members.

Boardman & Clark has been a member of Dane Buy Local for 3 years. Congratulations Boardman & Clark.