What does your donation to Dane Buy Local Foundation do?

Many already understand the importance of buying locally. It seems to be part of the DNA in our area! We support a better quality of life by purchasing from our neighborhood businesses and keeping our hard earned money in the community. This includes retail stores and restaurants, but it's even more! It means using local accountants, banks and credit unions, realtors, insurance companies, media companies, transportation. . . the list goes on and on. When we support local businesses it means more jobs, less impact on the environment, and better customer service. All resulting in a strong local economy.

So, what does your donation to Dane Buy Local Foundation, Inc. do?

You are supporting the Buy Local movement right here at home:

- To help the public understand the importance of buying locally

- To expand our support of challenged populations in the area, by offering special support 

   for minority business that result in stronger neighborhoods

- To provide more mentorship opportunities in the schools

- To provide more marketing support and networking opportunities to Dane Buy Local
   member businesses at low or no cost

- To provide more training opportunities for local businesses at low or no cost

- To commission research to learn more about the economic impact that buying locally
   has on our area’s economy

In honor of Yvette Jones of designCraft Advertising’s six years of service on the Dane Buy Local Board of Directors, Yvette’s Local Entrepreneur Fund was created at the Madison Community Foundation to foster the development of individual young people as entrepreneurs. The fund will be used to provide scholarships for graduating area high school seniors who are looking for future entrepreneurial opportunities and who will enroll in an education program at the post secondary level preparing them for independent business ownership.

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