Donations to Dane Buy Local Foundation, Inc. will support public awareness campaigns.

Dane Buy Local is dedicated to ensuring local businesses like yours flourish and prosper. Our intention is to make Greater Madison distinct and to continue to thrive as you and your local business define our community. We seek to educate the public about the economic benefits when thinking local first. We promote you, as our member, and your products and services to the community while collaborating with like-minded organizations to further achieve our vision of a sustainable, resilient, and a fair local economy. Part of the reason for our continued success is people like you supporting our efforts. 

Please consider making a donation to Dane Buy Local. You will: 

  • Help develop and maintain a higher quality of life in the area

  • Reduce the negative impact on our natural environment

  • Keep south-central Wisconsin unique with local businesses, not just big-box stores found in every community

  • Create more jobs in the area

  • Support growth and expansion of local business, including those owned by minorities

  • Provide training opportunities at low or no cost to local businesses

  • Help young entrepreneurs get established in the marketplace

Your generosity makes a difference. None of our work is possible without you. Whether or not you are able to donate this year, remember to shop local and continue supporting the businesses that make our area something truly special.

Donations to Dane Buy Local's Scholarship will support dedicated board members.

Yvette's Local Entrepreneur Fund

In honor of Yvette Jones of designCraft Advertising’s six years of service on the Dane Buy Local Board of Directors, Yvette’s Local Entrepreneur Fund was created to foster the development of young people as entrepreneurs. The fund will be used to provide scholarships for graduating area high school seniors who are looking for future entrepreneurial opportunities, especially those who are pursuing a career in marketing or advertising, and who will enroll in an education program at the post-secondary level preparing them for independent business ownership.

A key part of the mission of the Dane Buy Local Foundation is to provide mentorship opportunities in the schools. Yvette’s Fund ties into this mission by affording a unique opportunity for a young person to create a life in the entrepreneurial world, thereby contributing to the sustainability of our local economy.

Yvette Jones is the President of designCraft Advertising, notable in the community for more than 30 years of advertising with a conscience. The business is located at 707 South Park Street in Madison.