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Next Lunch-n-Learn

Tuesday, February 4


@ Community Living Alliance

1414 Mac Arthur Rd.

Nicole Hemkes of Advocate MD with discuss the challenges that small business owners face in providing healthcare benefits to employees.  

Including discussion of: 

Current climate- cost of healthcare, why?, how did we get here?

Healthcare as an attractive benefit to employees

Non-insurance options- healthshares, HSA, Flex Spending

High Value Primary Care (Direct Primary care, work-site clinics)

Catastrophic coverage options- Healthshares, STLD , Self funded

Empowering businesses and employers to be educated consumers 

Past Lunch-n-Learn's

Mental Health in the Workplace

Featuring a presentation on how you can help either yourself or a co-worker that may be displaying warning signs of mental health challenges by Kyle Carr, Account Manager for Drake & Co. Staffing.


Bias & Microaggressions

Featuring a presentation on identifying how microaggressions relate to larger systems of inequality like racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, etc., including response practice by Davey Shlasko of Think Again Training and Consulting. 

Your Credit Score 

Featuring a presentation on Knowing and Understanding your credit score. It will give examples and solutions of how you can raise it, how it impacts you, and other key aspects regarding credit scores by Eric Christiansen of Dane County Credit Union..


LGBT Terminology

Featuring a presentation on LGBT vocabulary and culture, what it all means and how different people bring different ideas to the workplace by Ginger Baier Trans Health Advocate and Ticia Kelsey LGBT Senior Advocate OutReach LGBT Community Center.


Flood Prevention Strategies

Ever had water in your basement or lower level of your building? Whether it’s a reoccurring issue or only happened during extreme weather conditions (like we experienced in the Summer of 2018), in most cases, it can be avoided. Over the past 6 years, the experts at Project Home have corrected water runoff issues at several area homes and they want to share this information with you! With a little bit of planning, a few rules and some basic landscaping tools, this is a problem most homeowners, or businesses, can address on their own. NO LARGE MACHINERY required! Learn how to keep your basement, or building, dry next Spring, Summer and during the years ahead.

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