Tech & Media

MOD Media Productions offers professional services in the creative fields of photography, videography, graphic design, web design, social media maintenance, audio production branding and print advertising. This business utilizes local independent contractors and free-lancers to put together unique, cutting-edge and consistent, quality media campaigns for its clients.

MOD Media believes strongly in thinking globally and acting locally. The business believes that supporting the local economy gives the company the opportunity to provide exposure for anyone, no matter the budget. MOD Media purchases supplies locally and works with its clients to utilize cross-promotions between local companies whenever appropriate.

The founding partners Carlos Guzman & Allison Lenz merged their individual media companies together in the summer of 2014 with the vision to give clients the opportunity to keep all of the elements of media campaigns consistent, creative, with out-of-the-norm ideas and fluid execution that other companies can't offer. The partners have a strong passion for design and saw a need in the industry for a model to accommodate large scale productions.

To be "MOD" is a lifestyle: open-minded, risk taking for the sake of creativity, a collaborative quality life. MOD Media's slogan, #Staymod, means more than staying cool, edgy and hip. It means that all employees have a responsibility to share those sentiments and ideas with their community, to cultivate respect for other businesses & professionals in and outside the media field, and to never give up in the process.

MOD Media Productions has been a huge supporter of Dane Buy Local including developing videos of our events and about our members, assistance with the website and other digital projects.

MOD Media Productions has been a Dane Buy Local Member for 1 and 1/2 years. Congratulations MOD Media Productions