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What can be said of Plato Commercial Real Estate … apparently not much. Well, maybe just a little …

Plato Commercial Real Estate offers comprehensive commercial real estate services through leasing and sales services of retail, office, and warehouse properties. The company can represent both the tenant and landlord in the transaction. However recently, tenant representation has been the main focus of Plato Commercial Real Estate.

Plato Commercial Real Estate, LLC was started by Kent Yan in December 2013. Though many know that Plato is the name of the great philosopher, Plato is also the name of Kent's brother.

Kent is a go-getter for his clients. He welcomes new clients to the properties by hosting periodic lunches so tenants can get to know each other. He also sponsors social events for tenants in the buildings. Not only does Kent provide a fun atmosphere for the tenants, he facilitates networking that has developed into business among his clients.

Buying local is important to Kent because he wants to keep the money directly in the local economy and by doing so, he helps put a face to the businesses that are in the community.

Kent has been supportive of Dane Buy Local with office leasing. Because his east side office is located one floor above the Dane Buy Local office near the airport, he has let us use his office printer when we needed a quality job done quickly. Last June Kent arranged for the Dane Buy Local Business Expo, at no cost to exhibitors, in a property that he was leasing. Kent has been a valued resource for a number of Dane Buy Local members who are just starting to develop their own businesses.

Plato Commercial Real Estate has been a member of Dane Buy Local since 2012, even longer than his business has been in existence! Congratulations Plato Commercial Real Estate.