All Over the Map, Nov 2018

[Madison WI] – Executive Director Colin Murray talks "thinking locally" with Board Member Jason Hafeman on his podcast "All Over the Map" . 

We admit it: we think it's clever that Dane Buy Local uses the opportunity of the July 4th holiday to celebrate "Independents" Week.

It's a play on words too good to pass up. But we also think it's smart, to remind us of the value of "going local," by supporting our independent businesses and their contributions to our communities.

[Madison WI] – The American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) has appointed Colin Murray, Dane Buy Local Executive Director, to its Board of Directors. AMIBA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to helping communities become more self-supporting and resilient through fostering a culture that values and supports independent business and local entrepreneurs.

AMIBA, Dec 2015

Celebrate our "Independents" by buying local

Listen to a great podcast interview with Colin about Independents Week

Terri Barr, Dec 2015

Madison Magazine, Jun 2015

Dane County Exec Parisi and Dane Buy Local Executive Director Colin Murray start their own Holiday

MADISON – Today at Vom Fass on University Ave, Madison,  Dane Buy Local Executive Director Colin Murray and Dane County Executive Joe Parisi began their own holiday shopping at one of Dane Buy Local’s more than 300 Dane County Business members.   

County of Dane, Nov 2014