Sustain Dane envisions the Madison Region as a national model for sustainability and sustainability innovation. It works toward this vision by inspiring, connecting, and supporting sustainability champions in the Greater Madison Region. Sustain Dane under the leadership of Jessie Lerner as

Executive Director, fosters a local ecosystem of individuals in businesses, nonprofits, social

enterprises, schools, and neighborhoods who work together to create intersectional change.

Three Sustain Dane programs, M-Power Business Champions, the Sustainable Business Network, and Step Up: Equity Matters, specifically focus on building a just economy, bolstering the success and growth of local businesses as vital contributors to our community, and promoting holistic sustainability by fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Sustain Dane began in 1997 as community members having simple conversations around sustainability. This informal group of like-minded people--scientists, researchers, activists--understood there had to be a shift in their daily patterns. They knew that what was once considered radical rhetoric was now a mainstream must--taking a leadership role in putting sustainability at the forefront of local efforts.

Sustain Dane believes that buying local is critical for the community to be sustainable. Not only does buying from locally owned and operated businesses help the community meet its own needs but it helps the community minimize dependence upon fossil fuels, lessens the build-up of toxic metals, minerals and synthetic chemicals, and helps reduce encroachment upon nature.

Sustain Dane has been a member of Dane Buy Local since 2007. Congratulations Sustain Dane.