Lance Ratze
DBL Member


Yola's Cafe

“There is no other organization in Dane County that provides education, collaboration, and promotion for their members as well as Dane Buy Local. The message of keeping our money local makes so much sense and it is a privilege to be a part of one of the Largest Buy Local Organizations in the US on a City/County-wide scale. Anyone focused on growing their business has to give serious thought as to why they don’t belong.”

Barbara Bousted
DBL Member


Mary's Daughter, LLC

"When you purchase from another business that’s part of Dane Buy Local, you’re helping the whole community.  I buy local now because I know what it does for our community"

Carlos Guzman
DBL Member


M.O.D. Media Productions

"When you give to the community, the community gives back and our membership with Dane Buy Local continues to give back year after year.  We are so happy to help the local cause and Dane Buy Local makes it easy to get involved!"

Nate Warnke
DBL Member


Rockhound Brewing Co.

"I appreciate what Dane Buy Local has done to promote local business to local consumers. It's great to be a part of the organization and benefit from a great partnership."

Leanne Starr
DBL Member


Drake & Co

"Dane Buy Local is and always has been so close to my heart. Congratulations and if you're not a member, get on board, these are good people who take care of each other."

Stacey Scannell
DBL Member


Madison Soap Opera Co.

The Soap Opera provides Promega gym facilities with all their bathing products and lotion. We've had this relationship for over 2 years now. It is a HUGE help to us and we saved them a lot of money from their old vendor. Plus we have speedier delivery and stay local.

Every time we get an order from them it totally makes our day and is our number 1 priority after customers in the store, and that is how it should be.

Halley Jones
DBL Member


Purple Goose Consulting

I've been a member of Dane Buy Local since 2006 when my retail business was 1 years old.  I've always enjoyed the connections I've made with other local independent business owners through this wonderful organization.  Dane Buy Local has made tremendous strides to educate the public about the various  reasons to shop at local, independent businesses. For these reasons, and many others, I will continue to be an active member and work to sustain this important organization in our community.

Chuck Bauer
Former DBL Member

Former Owner/Founder

The Soap Opera

"Everyone hears that local spending tends to remain in the area and benefits everyone, but most people don't know how to take action beyond their own personal spending, so when we heard that a group was forming with the exciting name Dane Buy Local we knew it was for us - both personally and for The Soap Opera. The benefits were instant, and many customers immediately praised us for being part of the action, and everyone started to feel good - together - strength in numbers, after all, and vote with your dollars!"

Jason Hafeman
DBL Member

Outreach Manager

Project Home

“The first step is meeting with people that are involved in Dane Buy Local and once you do that you’ll be hooked, you’ll want to be a member.

Lori Carlson
DBL Member


Madison Greenbox, LLC

“Dane Buy Local does the work for us, by defining, identifying and promoting local businesses and showing us the other local businesses that you can work with.  You have the common thread of being local. “

Jillian Page
DBL Member

Senior Account Rep.

Madison Gas & Electric

Participating in Coffee Fest was a great success for MGE! The event provided us with an atmosphere to educate business and community members about MGE’s Shared Solar program. We took a unique approach by partnering with DBL member and program participant, Just Coffee and MGE multiplied their community exposure and commitments. Not only was Lexus of Madison a beautiful venue, but we were able to look out the showroom and see exactly where the new solar field will be located! MGE benefits from participating in all of Dane Buy Local events because it provides us with the opportunity to share the exciting products and services available to local businesses. Thank you for a great event!

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