Community & Family

Union Cab offers safe, reliable transportation primarily within the Dane county area. Package delivery and chartered services are also provided. Union Cab is unique in that it is Madison's first and only worker-owned cooperative cab company since 1979.

Union Cab's history is colorful to say the least. It came to life in 1979 after failed attempts to join the Teamsters Local 695, two separate strikes (one during April 1975 and a second in September 1977), and a number of other obstacles and set-backs. In the end, it was a few cabbies and other workers from different companies that came together and decided to create the first worker-owned taxi company.

That's the highly condensed version of Union Cab's beginning.

Since July 1, 2004, Union Cab has had accessible service available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The vehicle specifications meet the minimum standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Union Cab is the only Madison taxi company to provide this service. The co-operative offers this service at a loss out of concern for the community and a desire by the City of Madison to develop twenty-four hour "on demand" accessible service.

Through its Democracy in Motion program, a non-partisan effort to help people in the community exercise their right to vote, Union Cab offers free rides between a passenger’s home and the polling place. Union Cab has covered the cost of these rides over the years, and is now teamed with the League of Women Voters that arranges cab rides to help people even obtain voter ID's.

Buying local is important to Union Cab because doing so helps to keep the economy of the city alive and well. Union Cab makes every attempt to work with local vendors in almost every aspect of its business; all of its mass printed paperwork, business cards, and charge slips are printed locally. New vehicles are purchased through local sellers or auctions. Vending machines are stocked and maintained by local companies.

Union Cab has been a member of Dane Buy Local since 2011. Congratulations Union Cab.